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WHAT  IS  O.I.T.A.F.  ?

O.I.T.A.F. is the International Organization for Transportation by Rope. It was founded in Milan (I) in 1959. At present it has 155 members from 35 countries.


 WHY O.I.T.A.F. ?


In order to solve pending problems on a common basis it was found necessary to unite in one organization the interests of the three groupings concerned with ropeways:

·           the ropeway operators / owners

·           the manufacturers of ropeway installations

·           the supervisory boards / authorities (representing the country involved)





The major aims of O.I.T.A.F. are

·           to promote growth and progress in transportation by rope;

·           to promote studies and experimental work likely to be useful for the development and progress of transportation by rope;

·           to promote the harmonization of national regulations in the field of rope transportation;

·           to draft uniform international guidelines and issue recommendations for the design, construction, operation, maintenance and supervision of ropeways;

·           to hold international conferences on transportation by rope;

·           to hold annual seminars.