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Product range

Cable cars & special Railroads

Cable cars & special Railroads

Special competences

  • Traffic development plans, local traffic plans
  • Traffic and mobility concepts
  • Concepts of alternative service
  • Optimization of supply and demand-side route networks
  • Public transport acceleration
  • New construction or expansion of transport infrastructure
  • Tendering of public transport services / line bundles
  • Efficiency analyses and profitability calculations
  • Basic traffic data in public transport
  • Testing of surveys
  • Quality standards / customer satisfaction measurements

Our service packages

  • Master planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Traffic forecasts and traffic modeling
  • Determination and evaluation of project impacts
  • Execution and analyses of travel and lost time measurements
  • Evaluation of AVLC data
  • Standardized evaluations and consequential cost calculations
  • Socio-economic assessments in EU standard for ERDF applications
  • Strategy and policy consulting
  • Public relations and moderation
Product range

Mobility consulting - Innovative, feasible, financially viable

Mobility consulting - Innovative, feasible, financially viable

The basis for a successful project is laid here: Is the idea feasible at all (feasibility studies), are the costs and the benefits in the right proportion (benefit-cost analyses) and what are the current conditions on site (traffic studies and traffic analyses)?
We answer these questions together with you and advise you on other basic conditions, such as financing (standardized evaluation). Consulting on mobility (Innovative Mobility ) for more car sharing, more public transport (also special solutions like cable cars), more bicycles, more neighborhoods and more quality of life!

Also in the further implementation of your projects we accompany you in the areas of civil engineering, construction management as well as thematic planning for municipal railroads and depots, flood protection and dams as well as environmental services such as building pollutants or soil remediation.

Company news

1. standardized evaluation cableway Bonn

1. standardized evaluation cableway Bonn

Our conceptual traffic consulting team has really worked on many Standardized Assessments, checking feasibility and financial viability for our clients. This Standardized Assessment for the cable car Bonn am Venusberg...

More information (German only): Spiekermann

Company profile

Despite our history of over 50 years, we have remained young in mind. We are colorful, individuals from different disciplines. We live diversity as a team and have the possibility to think outside the box, one of our strengths. The cooperation with colleagues from the Dorsch Group or other partners, who complement us professionally in projects, is very important to us and also brings us forward, even personally.

In terms of content, we focus on climate-relevant topics: Realizing low-CO2 traffic, helping to shape modern cities and neighborhoods. Together with our customers, we are gradually increasing the share of public transport - buses, light rail and bicycles - or creating the structural conditions for more use of electric or hydrogen energy forms, for example at public transport depots.

Water needs space so that people, goods and infrastructure can be protected from too much water. Water, industrial plants and soil are to be freed from pollutants; material that has already been part of infrastructures should be reused a second time - for a healthy and livable environment.