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Bartholet Maschinenbau AG, headquartered in Flums, Switzerland, is a leading international company in the fields of ropeway systems, amusement parks, mechanical engineering and lighting systems.

A qualified team of more than 450 employees as well as a modern infrastructure guarantee a speedy and customer-specific realization of complex projects. For more than 60 years, Bartholet has been planning and building ropeways in mountain areas and increasingly in urban areas as well. Innovative ideas and the development of new, forward-looking products enjoy a high priority at Bartholet. One of the latest innovations is the Ropetaxi. This world first developed by BARTHOLET enables the autonomous driving of ropeway cabins in stations through their own eMotion drive. By means of switches within the stations, entire ropeway networks and flexible combinations of routes can be formed. Destination selection at the push of a button before boarding enables unimpeded travel directly to the destination without changing trains.

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